Monmouth County ACTS


For Monmouth County social service providers/organizations:

Get involved! Consider joining a Hub to collaborate with County officials and other service providers. When you connect your expertise and service ethic with this vibrant partnership, you help mobilize precious resources efficiently to build stronger families and a stronger Monmouth County community.

Strategic benefits to your organization include:

  • Learn more about existing community services and unmet needs
  • Stay connected to notices, grant announcements, Speakers Bureau opportunities, ACTS’ meetings and events of interest to the stakeholder community
  • Meet community leaders and stakeholders who share your passion and expertise on an issue of interest
  • Help shape innovative solutions and synergistic partnerships that are “win-wins” for your organization’s mission and the clients you serve

Click here to download a Fact Sheet about Monmouth ACTS to share with your organization!

If you’re interested in connecting with one of the Monmouth ACTS Hubs, feel free to connect with one of our co-chairs here.

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