Monmouth County ACTS

Navigation System

Introducing the Monmouth ACTS Navigation System

Need resources, but not sure where to look? Our new Navigation System offers support – with a personal touch.

Monmouth County has recently launched the Monmouth ACTS Navigation System – an easy way for residents to find and access appropriate services in Monmouth County to meet their needs. Created as part of Monmouth County’s Department of Human Services, the Navigation System will serve as one point of entry for residents to be connected to any human service provider in the County, without needing to make multiple calls and needing to tell their story again and again.

Call one phone number and reach countless service providers: 732-683-8959

As the first-of-its-kind in New Jersey, the Navigation System will offer residents a streamlined way to connect with all resources in the area, including food, housing, medical care, employment, behavioral health care and much more.

How? Residents contact the Navigation System via phone at 732-683-8959, and connect with a compassionate, trained social worker. The social worker will talk with the individual about their needs, challenges and if they are receiving any current services. This conversation will help the social worker determine next steps for the resident:

  • The resident needs a simple electronic referral to an agency(s) that can help
  • The resident requires immediate attention and the social worker will personally connect the individual to the appropriate agency(s)
  • The resident’s needs are significant and complex, so the social worker will assist in coordinating referrals to various resources

If the resident provides permission, their information is sent to the appropriate agencies using the Navigation System’s electronic referral and tracking system. Monmouth County agencies will have 48 business hours to contact the resident. After working with the resident, agencies will report back to the Navigation System in 30 days with an outcome. As needed, social workers will follow up with residents to ensure their needs are met. To track experiences, an electronic survey will be sent to residents to make sure their needs are met. These steps will ensure residents aren’t lost or overlooked once they’ve reached out for help.

The Navigation System opens the door to services and provides a pathway to success.  

Questions on the process? Read our Frequently Asked Questions, call 732-683-2102 or email

Help spread the word about the Monmouth ACTS Navigation System – download the toolkit: