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YOGA: Virtual Classes for Beginners and Beyond

Virtual (online)

YOGA: Virtual Classes for Beginners and Beyond : MONCO
YOGA: virtual sessions available 24/7 Before attempting any exercise programs, consult your health care provider.

Continue on your own path with refreshing new yoga sessions, available for beginners or more advanced participants, thoughtfully presented by Master Yogi Steven Russell of Becoming Sound Yoga.

Yoga offers your body and mind many paths to de-stress, to improve flexibility, to unwind. Deep breathing and slow stretching movements warm the muscles, while a standing pose may build balance and strength.

You are invited to choose your own path with movements from the advanced offerings, as well as some of the most Library-popular beginner videos, also offered by Yogi Steven.

These are the session titles for beginners: Yoga Breathing; Yoga Stretching; Yoga Movement; Yoga Stretching with Support.

These are the session titles for advanced participants: Yoga on the Mat; Beyond Beginner.

Permission to present a program on behalf of the Virtual Library or in Library facilities is not an endorsement by the Library. This program is protected by copyright law; recording in any manner, without written agreement from the presenter, is strictly prohibited.

CONTACT: Programming 732 431 7220 x7222