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After overcoming challenges in 2021, how Monmouth County, NJ can thrive in 2022

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When you compare 2021 to 2020, there are similarities but a lot more differences which is something more palatable health wise and financially.

For 2021, things improved in many ways on many things for most of the year.

In Monmouth County, there were many challenges that had to be tackled so things could get better mainly with the Covid-19 pandemic.

“A lot of our activity was related to how we we’re going to help people through this virus, not only with their health but with their financial stability, their jobs searches — on and on — how are they going to make it through,” Sue Kiley, Monmouth County Commissioner Deputy Director tells Townsquare Media News.

One of the biggest reasons how the county was able to help guide residents through all these challenges was the Monmouth ACTS program.

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