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Monmouth County Kicks Off Monmouth ACTS Advisory Council to Support Human Services for Residents

Teri O’Connor, Monmouth County Administrator; Mary Pat Angelini, Chair, Monmouth ACTS Advisory Council (MAAC) and CEO, Preferred Behavioral Health Group; Ginger Mulligan, Co-Chair, MAAC Executive Committee; Freeholder Susan M. Kiley; and Jeffrey Schwartz, Director, Monmouth County Department of Human Services and Co-Chair, MAAC Executive Committee, celebrate the kickoff of the Monmouth ACTS Advisory Council, which will set goals and objectives for Monmouth ACTS.

FREEHOLD, NJ – Representatives from Monmouth County announced the kick off of the Monmouth ACTS Advisory Council (MAAC) to better serve the needs of residents and to support Monmouth ACTS (Assisting Community Through Services). This Advisory Council is one of the first of its kind in the state.

The creation of MAAC is the result of the growing influence of Monmouth ACTS and the restructuring of the Human Services Advisory Council. The Monmouth ACTS initiative, formed as a response to the Monmouth County Human Services Needs Assessment undertaken in 2016, is a public-private partnership that promotes and enhances access to human services. Monmouth ACTS is made up of subcommittees, or “hubs,” of County leaders and their private/nonprofit counterparts; the hubs focus on key issues in human service needs. The hubs will now be overseen by MAAC, which will make solving the County’s service gaps and streamlining its existing services its priority.

“This is a great step forward in the groundbreaking work that Monmouth County is doing,” said Monmouth County Freeholder Susan M. Kiley, liaison to the County’s health and human services departments. “The Monmouth ACTS Advisory Council will challenge each of our hubs and everyone involved with ACTS to keep evolving and always do better for our residents.”

Now led by MAAC, Monmouth ACTS’s hubs will set smart goals and have action-oriented objectives with time frames to better share the services available to residents. MAAC will be made up of an executive committee comprised of the co-chairs of each hub. Each hub has a public and a private co-chair, who oversee and guide the larger group of public officials and private organizations who work together to make life better for Monmouth County residents.

Mary Pat Angelini, Chair of MAAC as well as CEO of Preferred Behavioral Health Group, expects that the kick off of MAAC will help Monmouth ACTS be more action-oriented.

“This is an opportunity for us to think differently about how we provide services to our constituents,” Angelini said. “MAAC will help Monmouth ACTS deliver individual and family success across our County, by ensuring that our hubs are interconnected and working together to create holistic, integrated systems of support and service. This is truly a union of public and private efforts to better serve residents.”

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Monmouth ACTS (Assisting Community Through Services) was created by the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders in 2018 to carry out recommendations of a Human Services Needs Assessment. This innovative public-private partnership brings together County employees from the Department of Human Services and their community partners to enhance access to services for County residents. For more information, visit

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